14 Signs That You Are Backsliding

14 Signs That You Are Backsliding

Hebrews 10:38 KJV

Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.

Backsliding is a gradual process that starts from the heart. One dictionary defines it as a failure to maintain a higher state. To backslide also means to drop to a lower level, as in one moral or standards.

The true fact about backsliding is that, one may be backsliding with the fellow not knowing that he / she is backsliding. Because the initial stage of backsliding is not always given attention until it becomes worse.

If you observe any of these signs below, it shows that you have begun to backslide. It is good to discover them early and deal with it before it gets worse because the end of any backslider is a disaster.

Here are 14 Signs That You Are Backsliding

1. When you begin to run away from responsibility

To accept responsibility is to make yourself available for service and to be available for service is to make sacrifice. If you have seriously involve in more than one service and suddenly you begin to shift responsibility away from yourself, it shows that you are no longer interested and it’s a sign that you are backsliding. Begin to accept responsibilities back and count it as an opportunity.

If you are not responsible you cannot accept responsibility. It is only those that are engage in services and those that accept responsibility can be responsible.

2. When you find it hard to do things you used to do before

If suddenly, you find it hard to do the things you used to do before. It’s a sign of backsliding. Maybe you fast, win souls, worship, praise, and witness for Christ. Etc. And suddenly you find it hard it hard to do these things. Quickly get back on track pray for divine restoration.

3. When you are no longer interested of things of the kingdom

Kingdom business is the best business for any man. Irrespective of the nature of your job or profession, you can still be involve and active in doing the kings business. Always get excited when doing the kings business. Don’t be excluded in doing the king’s business.

4. When you begin to live a careless life

If you begin to live careless living life, no discipline any more, when you now begin to commit secret sins, following your old forsaken friends after when you have given your life to Jesus, when you now begin to go back to your vomit, when you no longer care to go to unclean places, when you no longer care to party all night, when you no longer care to fraud and bear false witness. When you begin to talk carelessly, live carelessly, dress anyhow, eat anyhow, drink anyhow. Come home late in the night. These have already gotten to a worse stage. Return to Jesus now!

5. When giving has become a burden

If you discover that you now find it hard to give, your time, resources, material things etc, as when you used to give before either to people, or for the advancement of the kingdom. Most especially, when you’re not giving to laying up treasure for yourself in heaven. It’s a sign you are gradually backsliding, return back to Jesus.

6. When you find it hard to pray

Prayer is one of the spiritual antennas to connect to God. If you discover that your prayer line is becoming weak and inactive, then you should deal with it. Someone who prays regularly suddenly now becomes someone who prays occasionally. It’s an early sign of backsliding and laziness. So deal with before it deal with you

7. When helping is no longer in your dictionary

If you no longer render help to the poor, your neighbor, to people, to the advancement of the kingdom, to your community, to your nation etc. when you discover that you’re no longer active in helping people as before.

You need to start rendering help even more than before.

8. When you begin to skip a time of fellowship

When you now begin to skip a time of fellowship, either your own personal time fellowship with God, or general place of worship. It’s a sign of backsliding. Deal with it.

9. When you no longer study the bible

If you no longer devote time to study the bible. It’s a sign of backsliding. Try and create time to study the word of life. The only time you should never study the bible is when you know you are not going to eat again. If you can have to eat and to do other things, you should also have time to study. Do yourself good by reading the bible. Make it in your mind that no bible, no food.

10. When you no longer take care of your spiritual well being and growth

God want us to prosper in every area of life. Spiritually, physically, financially, mentally, materially, maritally, academically, numerically etc. But if we live one area out of all of them which is spiritually, then others will be affected because the others are physical. But the spiritual is the one that controls the physical. If you no longer read spiritual books, listen to tapes, attend programs that will strengthen your inner man, fast, pray, study as earlier said. These things must be seriously dealt with.

11. When the Ten Commandments has become a burden.

We all know the Ten Commandments, if you still don’t know it, see it here. (Read Exodus 20)If you now find it hard to obey the Ten Commandments, you are backsliding already. Return back to Jesus.

12. When you no longer love your neighbour as yourself.

It’s a command to love our neighbour as ourselves. If what you cannot do to yourself, you now begin to do it to your neighbour. You need to check yourself.

13. When you don’t want to be involve in things of God

God is sufficient, if you are not involved in the things of God, he has many substitutes to carry out the assignments. I pray you’ll not be replaced in Jesus name.

14. When you no longer have faith

The just shall live by faith. Without faith, you can’t please God. If your faith is becoming shaky and you stop believing. This is even worse because without faith, you cannot live a victorious life. Without faith, you can’t command things to move on your behalf. Faith is not a risk rather unbelief is.

Beloveth, these are 14 signs that shows that one is backsliding, if you notice any of these signs, quickly tackle and deal with it before it get to a worse stage. If at all you don’t understand what is written here or you have not given your life to Jesus, here is an opportunity for you to experience a new beginning.


If you want to be born again say this prayer with me in faith.

Lord Jesus, i know I’m a sinner, i surrender all to you, i dedicate my life to you, i believe that you died for my sin and i confess with my mouth that you are the son of God, come in to my life now and be my savior, i will no longer live a life of sin again,from now on i will live to please you, please wash away my sins with your precious blood, give me a new life and a new beginning. Thank you for saving me i ‘m no longer a sinner, i ‘m now born again, in Jesus name Amen.

Welcome to The New Life in Christ

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