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Investing for Your Eternal Future

If you want to make the most with what God has given you, you’ll need to adopt an eternal perspective.

Once you come to realize that all material possessions and earthly things will burn away, it changes your perspective. The world thinks that this earthly life is the sum of our existence and that everything within is the sum of our reward. Based on that understanding, everything we do on earth matters in a way that has us pursue as much gain, reward, and satisfaction as we can because one day, it will all come to an end.

But the world is unfamiliar with God’s accounting system. He takes into account what you do in the realm of time and applies it toward your eternal future. If you are a Christian, no investment for heaven should ever be too much (Matthew 6:19-21). In other words, what you do in time will determine what you experience in glory.

In practical terms, that means sacrificing your time for the benefit of others today pays in dividends tomorrow. It also means that there is so much more to life and its value than the days we spend here on earth. Adopt an eternal perspective when you invest all that God has given you and store up treasures for yourself in heaven

Be encouraged.

Written by Tony Evans

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