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Why You Must Be a Man of Integrity?

Having your conversation honest among the Gentiles: that, whereas they speak against you as evildoers, they may by your good works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation. 1 Peter 2:12.

As believers, there are many reasons why we must live a life of integrity and also be a man of integrity. But I’m just going to highlight just one point.

” Your Life is a Witness”.

Our life is a witness to everyone, families, friends, relatives, neighbors, business associates, and partners, societies, even to unbelievers and to angels as well.

You might think how is your life a witness to angels? Angels want to know your acts because you are created in the image of God and the kind of life you live will be a witness to them to see another dimension of God in your life. They are also ministering spirits, so they are sent to serve, so they are always watching your actions.

One of the attributes of angels of the Lord is that they are pure and they are light, they don’t work and mix with darkness or things that are not pure, and we know that dishonesty, untruthfulness, subtility, etc. are not from God. So if we want to enjoy the ministry of angels in our life, we must live a life of integrity.

Our life is also a witness to the host of heavens, because they are always watching what we do. Even when we think no one is watching, if we deceive every other person, we can’t deceive God and the host of heavens. They are always watching us and even an interrupted 24hrs CCTV is at work.

Everything we did in the motive of pleasing God, and everything we do in the motive to please the flesh, is being recorded every single seconds and it will be played ones day and everyman will give account for himself.

Whether we realize it or not, our lives are our presentation of the Gospel—our presence is our witness.

There’s this story about a Christian pastor who was put into prison because of his faith. He was placed into a cell that was already occupied by a hardened criminal, a murderer. As the days went by, the pastor tried to reach out to the man but with no success.

The felon would simply respond by saying that he did not believe in God. The pastor loved him all the more.

One day as the pastor was sharing his faith he had a word of wisdom for his cellmate. He asked,

“Do you want to know who Jesus is like?”

The murderer responded, “Yes.”

The pastor said, “Jesus is like me.”

The murderer thought for a while and then said,

“If Jesus is like you, then I want to receive Jesus into my heart.” He became a Christian.

As I heard that story, I had to ask myself how many non-Christian friends I could approach and say, “Jesus is like me,” and find them wanting to be saved. _(This story was excerpted from love and power evangelism, you can request for it if you need it)._

You do not have to learn to be a witness. You already ARE a witness! . . . You are telling the world right now what god you really belong to. . . . Your words and your life are tied inseparably together; you will always convey to others around you what you really love and live for most. . . .Anyone who watches us closely . . . can tell if we really mean what we claim with our lips. Our life is a witness to every being and to everything.

May God help us all to reflect the glory of God every day in our life in Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer: Lord help me not to fail you or disappoint you in my Christian race.

Remain Ever Blessed.


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