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Fulfill Your Part in The Great Commission

So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations. Matthew 1:17.

The salvation we enjoyed today took years of investment, sacrifice and commitment of many generations and individuals before being completed by Jesus Christ. Though salvation is free but it’s not cheap.

Abraham had to wait for hundred years before Isaac finally came, Sarah had to suffer ridicule from hagar, her maid before receiving the promise of the covenant child.

Isaac intreated God for Rebecca before giving birth to Esau and Jacob. Ruth had to deny her people to follow an unknown God who later rewarded her for her faith in Him. Simon and Anna waited and fasted for the birth of Jesus, God did not allowed them to see death until the appearing of the messiah. Mary had to believe the impossible and was empowered by the Holy Spirit to carry our saviour.

The story of the genealogy is a long and a very inspiring one.

Many generations, families, prophets, prophetess, priests played a major role before the arriving of the first coming of Jesus. The same way they played their part in the appearing of Jesus Christ, we also have our role to play as Christians before Christ can appear.

Every born again Christian has a part to play before Christ can come for His bride, and that role is no other one than reconciling men to God and turning many to righteousness.

If we want the Lord to meet a glorious church when He returns, we must all play our part to see that souls are saved, established, preserved and prepared for the Lord’s return.

You and I have our own part to play. The work is not for some selected people that are born again, the work is for every believers. So in order to be relevant in time and eternal, we must reconcile men to God and turn as many people as possible to righteousness and also get them established.

There is no more time to sit down and do nothing, we must join God in the business of looking for the lost sheep and bringing them back to the good shepherd who cares and owned their souls.

Every souls matters to God, and He has mandated and ordained us to go into world and help the souls that are lost to retrace their steps back to the Father.

We all have our part to play, no matter how little your input may be, ask the Lord which part you are to play so that you may fulfill and make full proof of the ministry that was committed to you.

God used both perfect and imperfect people for the long awaited prophecy to be fulfilled, if God use them, He can use you too.

Remain Blessed.

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