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‘But our God is in the heavens: He hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.  Psalm 115:3.

God is in heaven and He does has He pleases. No one can question Him for His actions, and no one can question Him for His plans, He does strange works and strange acts.

Our God is the God of all flesh and He rules in the affairs of all men. He sees everything going on earth, nothing catches Him by surprise because He is the omnipotent God, the all knowing God. He knows everything happening to every man and He knows every thought in the heart of man.

The silence of God could mean many things, if God is silent over a particular situation or a thing, it takes the spirit of God to discern what God is doing at that particular time and to also the know mind of God concerning the matter

God watches everything from heaven and sometimes He seems to be silent in some situations surrounding a man, family or nations. In this post, let’s look at some reasons why God maybe silent.

1. Lost of Connection

The silence of God could mean that there is a big gap between man and God. The prodigal son had a good relationship and connection with his father. He could hear his father speak to him anytime of the day, but when he lost connection with his father by the reason of his decision, he could no longer hear the voice of his father again, but when he decided to reconnect with his father, he could hear his father’s voice again.

The silence of God could mean that you have lost the place of Communion and fellowship, that place where you and God do interact and have intimacy, reposition yourself and reconcile with Him.

2. Disobedience

The silence of God could mean that you have disobeyed the last instruction that was given to you by Him

God will never cease talking to a man who always obeys Him at all times and in all matters, either it is convenient or not, either it make sense to the a man or not.

The more you obey God, in His words, through His leading, through His prophets etc. The more you will keep hearing from Him more and more.

This is one of the reason why you must know the word of God. Study it, meditate on it and do according to all that’s written therein.

If a man didn’t obey the last word that God Instructed him, God maybe silent and not speak to that fellow until he obeys the last command. So disobedience may keep God silent until your obedience is complete.

3. Backsliding

Most times, many people thinks that backslsiding is only when one goes back to the wolrd. Backsliding is not only when you go back to the world, backsliding could also mean that you are not where God wants you to be.

Maybe before, you used to be on fire and fervent for the things of God, but now it makes no sense to you anymore, it simply means you have backslidden.

A man can also backslide by the motive and the intent of his heart. That’s why you must guard your heart with all diligence, out of it are the issues of life.

The silence of God could mean that you have backslidden, pray for restoration and God will gladly welcome you.

4. The Appointed Time and The Perfect Time

There was a man in the Bible, named Hamaan, he plotted evil against a Jewish man whose name is Mordecai to destroy him and his people.

But during the process when Hamaan was carrying out his evil plans, God was silent, it looks as if the enemies will laugh last over Mordecai and the Jewish people in the land, but when God intervened, the law of substitution was introduced, Mordecai became the second in command in that land, and Hamaan, who was planning evil was executed with his family.

God silence could mean that he is waiting for the appointed time to announce you. In the name of Jesus, you will laugh last.

Joseph was supposed to be great and influential according to what God showed him, but all he sees in his life was a great problems upon problems. I’m sure Joseph would have been asking God where is the dream that you showed him, why am I here? What’s happening to my life? Beloved, if you are also asking yourself this question relax, God is working behind the scene for you.

When God showed up in the life of Joseph, in just one day, God announced him and made him a prime minister in a foreign land.

So the silence of God could mean that He’s waiting for the set time to show His Almightiness in your life.

5. Uncompleted Testimony

Sometimes, God could be silent when the testimony is not yet completed. He does not just want to set a table for you, but He also wants to set the table in the presence of your enemies so that they can see it with their eyes and tell it with their mouth.

But is unfortunate that many don’t wait for their table to be set, they either run away when God sets a table for them but not in the presence of their enemies or lose patience with God, so they took short-cut which eventually led to their destruction.

When a man appears before his time, he will dissapear when it’s his time. You will not dissapear at the time of your showing forth in Jesus name.

Shadrach, meshsaach and abedego, were thrown into the fiery furnace of fire, but God showed up for them when the people thought it was over.

He said in His words, when you work through fire, it will not burn you, when you pass through water, it will not overwhelmed you. God cannot lie, His words will surely come to pass.

Beloved, wait on God, those that wait on God cannot wait in vain and cannot waste in life. Never lose hope, the scripture said a living dog is better than a dead lion. Stay focus on God and keep giving thanks. If you find yourself in this category, keep faith and hope alive, God will surely show up for you in Jesus name.

6. Your Loyalty and Commitment

God silence could also mean that He wants to see your loyalty, commitment and patience. This is another wilderness experience

Joseph was tested but he never compromised, Job was tested but he never lost his trust in God.

The silence of God could mean that He wants to test your loyalty, commitment and patience. Stay faithful, loyal committed to the things of God.

Beloved, don’t be mad at God, He’s making all things work together for your good, and He will make all things beautiful in His time. Be patient with Him and let God prove His Almightiness in your life.

7. Sin

Behold, the LORD‘s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: but your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. Isaiah 59:1-2.

Finally, the silence of God could mean that there is a need for genuine repentance from sin

God is love but He’s also a consuming fire, His angers endures for a moment but you can’t endure His anger for a moment. It’s a terrible thing to fall in the hands of God.

King Saul used to hear from God regularly before, untill when he sinned, and the source of hearing God was disconnected. God gave him time to repent but he never did.

Beloved, I want to let you know that God has not given up on you yet, it’s His will that no one should perish and that all should come to repentance and be saved. He loves you that’s why He sent His only son Jesus to die for your sin. If you shall call upon in His name now, you shall be saved. Call on Him now and be saved.

Stay Blessed.

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